St. Charles de Foucauld


Saint Charles De Foucauld (Brother Charles of Jesus) was born in Strasbourg, France, on September 15, 1858. Orphaned at the age of 6, he grew up with his sister Marie by his grandfather, whose military career he will follow. In adolescence he distances himself from faith. He embarks on a dangerous exploration in Morocco (1883-1884), during which, he comes into contact with the faith of the Muslims and upon returning to his homeland, he begins to question himself about the existence of God.

Led by Don Huvelin, he finds God in October 1886 at the age of 28.

After a pilgrimage to the Holy Land he understands that his vocation is to follow and imitate Jesus in the life of Nazareth. He lives 7 years in the Trappe, first in Our Lady of the Snows, then in Akbès in Syria. Later he lives alone, in prayer, and adoration, in great poverty, with the Poor Clares of Nazareth. Ordained a priest at the age of 43 (1901), in the Diocese of Viviers, he went to the Sahara Desert, first to Beni Abbès,poorest among the poor, then further south to Tamanrasset with the Tuaregs ofHoggar. He lives a life of prayer, meditating on Sacred Scripture, and of adoration, in the incessant desire to be, for each person, the "universal brother", a living image of the love of Jesus. On the evening of December 1st, 1916 he is killed by a band of passing marauders.

Great lover of Saint Teresa of Jesus; he reads, rereads and meditates on her writings, often mentions her in his speeches and in her correspondence; Selfless to the point of exhaustion, tireless worker, he left us wonderful meditations on the psalms, on Genesis and on some passages of the Gospel; meditations full of spirituality, centered on the offering of love that Christ has given us and on the Eucharist: Christ alive and true. He decides to live in perfect imitation of Jesus in the period of Nazareth: in simplicity, in prayer and in hiding. Charity is the virtue that he most cultivates and the center of his desires is sharing, in all its nuances!

Proclaimed a saint on 05/15/2022 by Pope Francis.

Below you will find some meditations on passages from the Gospel and Psalms.

Have a good meditation!

"Do not be afraid" (Mc 6, 47-53)

Let us not fear... Jesus is with us, he sees us rowing, he sees us fatiguing in vain, he sees our despondencies, our guilts, our sins and he tells us to hope. I don't want the sinner to die, but that he gets converted and lives, he tells us, and he encourages us: let's not fear. Let us not be discouraged... Despite our sins, He loves us... It is he who inspires us this remorse... He will also give us the strength to never fall again... He follows us with his eye... At the moment just will help us in a more powerful way, but wait for our efforts... If he sees that we have enough courage to reach holiness with his help already in this world, he will get into our boat and make us reach it, but it is necessary for this reason that he sees us rowing bravely.

We just keep rowing, we fear to the end, that's all He requires of us.

Genesis 14, 1-12

My God, why do you remind us of these kings, these wars of the past?

My son. They have been and are no longer: they seemed great and you see their nothingness... such are the great ones of today: power, birth, luck, here is the equivalent of these poor ancient kings who are, as you can see, only a bit of dust; all the goods, all the consolations, all the beauties that pass are there... everything is equally small, equally nothing, it is like these poor kings who have slept for a long time... one thing lasts, God and souls... So consider as nothing, like absolutely nothing, all the greatnesses, all the contempts, all the elevations, all the lowerings, all the consolations, all the pains, all the enjoyments, all the sufferings that pass, Dedicated to me alone, to love me, to do what I pleases, and to the souls in sight of me, desiring their salvation and working for it with all your strength... Besides, you see with this how it is necessary that you throw yourself as a dead body in mortification, since on the one hand, you must not fear it in the least because it passes, and on the other, you must receive it with ardor, madly, because I like it, because it consoles Me: I see in it an act of love towards me, and a sacrifice in view of the salvation of the neighbor... Mortifying yourself is obeying my word, following my example, making a declaration of love to me, helping me carry my cross, working together with me for the salvation of my children, telling me that you really want to be my faithful spouse, sharing all my pains and carry the crown of thorns with Me. Do you think I like this?... If you doubt it, ask St. Magdalene and St. John the Baptist; they felt the same way I did; they have loved Me enough, glorified Me enough, they have the grace to answer you... Or ask Me: my manger, Nazareth, the forty days of the desert, wandering without a stone on which to lay one's head, the praetorium and the cross will answer you. They will tell you what I think of mortification.

Genesis 21, 1-14

How wonderful is Abraham's obedience!

How united are faith and obedience! Faith is the beginning of all good and obedience is its consummation, because obedience is the consummation of love... when one disobeys, it is always lack of faith, because who would disobey when faced with the certainty that God speaks? [...]

...my Lord and My God, keep me from this misfortune. It is not with the mouth only but from the bottom of the heart that I want to do your will, your whole will, your will alone, your will and not mine; let me know it, my God and let me do it... Give me Abraham's faith and obedience; let me hear your voice... Your inner voice, the voice of those through whom You speak to me... Give me faith, my God. And give me obedience, the obedience that sacrifices the dearest affections of the heart and the most persuasions steadfast in spirit to adhere solely to your holy and blessed will.

Psalm 12

This psalm is the psalm of trusting sadness, it is the sigh of the soul towards God, the sigh of the soul that is known to be loved by the heavenly Father but which nevertheless feels the weight of exile and groans in this valley of tears [...]

Yes it is one of my miseries, one of my weaknesses that of mulling over projects after projects in my soul, and of always having my pain in my heart... They are two defects from which I must be corrected... It is not by making resolutions on resolutions that I will become better; it is by faithfully following those that I have taken once and for all, that I know to be pleasing to God. Not that certain things cannot be changed sometimes: but this continuous change must be avoided: when one sees that one is unfaithful, one must not seek the remedy in a change of method, in new resolutions, we must humble ourselves and continue the struggle to better follow what has been proposed in the future.

We must take great care in taking our resolutions well, submitting them when we can to our spiritual director, and then keeping them faithfully, without changing them until the conditions in which we find ourselves change and until the will of God clearly manifests itself in another sense... without this fidelity we will waste our time brooding over projects after projects in our minds, as the Psalm says, we will waste our time, our good will, our suffering, our life in a thousand chimeras and in perpetual agitation without serving God, without advancing in virtue.

Make the salvation of souls in view of God, the salvation of our soul and that of our neighbor, the purpose of our life. Save souls with holiness, sacrifice, example, word.

“May they all be one, as You, O Father, are in Me and I in You; that they too may be one in us” (GV17, 21)

We are so united with all men of brotherly love, by the love with which we love in them, the limbs of Jesus, with which we love the body of Jesus in them, from being one with them, like the Father and the Son who are one thanks to their mutual love; in fact they are one in two ways; for the divine essence that is common to them, and this is not how Jesus wants us to be one with all men... and for their mutual love, and it is in this way that we can and must be one with all men as well as the Son and the Father are one...

We are in all men with our love, as the Father is in the Son with his love for him and as the Son is in the Father with his love for him: in fact, when you love someone, you are truly in him, one is in him with love, one lives in him with love, one no longer lives in oneself, because it is no longer to oneself that one is attached, one is detached from oneself, outside oneself, one does not live more in oneself, one is in him who loves himself, one lives his life, one lives in him... As the Father lives in the Son with love, and as the Son lives in the Father with the love he has for Him, so we must live in all men with the love we have for them... and we must love all men to such an extent, live in them and not in us with love, be one with them through love, not in view of them but in view of God, "that they may be one in us", let our love for God unite us with all men.

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