The Spirituality of the Sacred Heart

How can we love, honor and glorify Jesus' heart? Simply loving it!!! The whole spirituality of the Heart of Jesus is in the Incarnate Word which gives us a last commandment, the most important: "love one another as I have loved you". Without half measures, totally giving oneself for the other, because He, Jesus loved us first; he loved us and loves us so infinitely that he gave his life for our salvation. In this way Jesus also teaches us love and obedience to the Father, he abandons himself to the Father's will and dies for us, in order to be able to give us the remission of sins and eternal life. Jesus who is the Way, Truth and Life shows us the way to love God, that is, abandonment to his will... "with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind", and with the Truth that we recognize in our depths, which will give us Life.

To love Jesus, one must follow him, not in words but with deeds... Helping one's neighbor, always, because it is in the face of the brother that we find Christ. And to help the brother we need the Strength and Courage that we can receive only in the intimate encounter with Christ; it is in reading and meditating on the Word of God that we receive the teachings to be put into practice in order to follow the Truth; and it is in the encounter at the Eucharistic table that we become one with Jesus... It is in that moment of union with our Lord that we must entrust ourselves to him, confide in him all our desires, our fears, our joys, our pains, and it is there, united with him that we will know the true love of God! He will make us strong, courageous, persevering, wise, in order to follow his Way, to love our neighbor as He loved us, to become apostles of his Sacred Heart.

Besides Love, devotion to the Sacred Heart puts us in front of the need to repair. By sinning, we deprive ourselves of God's sanctifying grace, of his friendship, and to restore this union, we try to repair. Jesus is the One who has made reparation once and for all, our sins; therefore we cooperate in this work of reparation, with the acts of the three theological virtues, the foundations of Christianity: faith, hope and charity. By entering into the spirituality of the Sacred Heart, we begin to see our sins, not so much as an infringement of the Law of God, but a real sorrow, an offense that we inflict on our Lord. Our life is filled with love and we only wish to be able to console this heart that has been so offended; and we transform our efforts, our daily setbacks into a reparative offer. We give them, through the hands of the Virgin Mary, to the Father God so that He can console and erase all the offenses done to Jesus. Love and sacrifice go hand in hand; there cannot be love without the desire to make amends, without the desire to give love to the Beloved. And it is precisely in this state of mind, this spiritual predisposition that the Consecration to the Sacred Heart takes place. Our whole life goes and is reborn as a function of love for God; let us then consecrate our heart, our soul and our mind to the heart of Jesus, so that our whole life may be lived in his name; so that he makes us an his instrument of peace and joy; so that our brothers, looking at us, may see the face of Christ, who loves infinitely, whatever the sins and shortcomings of every soul may be.

However, we must not fall into the error of having a purely external, sentimental devotion of the Sacred Heart. If we really want to follow Jesus, we must become like him: gentle, humble and merciful.

La mitezza

Per mite, non stiamo ad indicare una persona " buona" o silenziosa, assolutamente no. Mite, mansueto, dal greco pràotes, significa "forza sotto controllo". Possiamo così dire che mansueto è colui che fa in modo che la Parola di Dio e lo Spirito Santo tengano sotto controllo la sua forza e la usino nel modo corretto. Nella visione evangelica, la mitezza, a differenza dell'accezione che diamo noi oggi, è la forza di una persona matura, determinata nella propria scelta di vita, nell'aver compreso qual'è la Via giusta e dominare su sé stesso per arrivare alla meta. Essere miti non vuol dire essere passivi, subire; anzi essere miti significa ricercare e assimilare la volontà di Dio con l'obbedienza, non da schiavi, ma avendo compreso che siamo misere creature, che necessitano di affidarsi e abbandonarsi alla bontà di Dio; perché solo così avremo la necessaria forza per affrontare le tempeste.

The humility

The humility that Jesus asks of us is to make ourselves small out of love. Relegate yourself to the last place, do not be proud, do not get carried away by the fashions of the moment and do not get excited when you are praised. Jesus wants us to know how to renounce ourselves, in order to have more patient relationships, to be more merciful, more understanding.

The mercy

Yes. He wants us merciful, "as merciful is your father who is in heaven". The heart of Jesus is an ocean of charity and mercy; charity that is neverending by God towards us; ours instead does not last long. For this we must love Jesus! As Saint Margaret Mary also says, true love of God produces love for others. All those who have embarked on this journey and who have received the "treasures of love and graces" of this heart, cannot help but share what they have received and spread this cult.

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